A little about what instruction we offer


Available in a variety of formats and costs
We offer a series of different instruction options for individuals, small groups, clubs, ballrooms, and events. No matter the venue, we focus on solid technique and having a lot fun. If you are interested in west coast swing instruction please contact us for pricing. We are more than willing to find a solution that will work with your group, or club. Our goal is to share knowledge of a dance that we truly enjoy.

If you are interested in large group, or workshop instruction you will find a description of some of the workshops that we have taught below.

Workshop Titles
  • Beginner’s Track (3 hours total – variable sessions)
  • Introduction to Musicality Workshop (1.5 hours)
  • Level Up Your Dance – Level and Dimension Changes (1 hour)
  • West Coast Swing Level 2 (3 x 1 hour sessions)
  • West Coast Swing Level 3 (3 x 1 hours sessions)
  • Ladies Styling Course (1.5 hours)
  • Listen Up – Energy and Conversation (1 hour)

Private Lessons

Available at a variety of locations
Whether social dancer, or competitor, private lessons are one of the quickest ways to increase skill and understanding of the dance.  Each lesson is tailored to the goals of the student with a strong focus on technique and fun!  We encourage students to bring notebooks for note taking, and /or a video device for video recaps.  Please reach out to us for availability and pricing.


Available at a variety of locations;For small groups
Education workshops are focused on teaching methodology and pedagogy.  These workshops are designed for small groups of dancers who are already familiar with basics and are teaching in their community.  In this special 1.5 -2 hour session participants will learn basic theories of education, lesson planning and management, learning styles and development.  These sessions include active participation in a classroom setting, and can be tailored to community need.

Interested? Get in Touch!

If you are interested in working together, hiring us for an event, or looking to be hired for a local workshop send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!